Top 5 Summer Camp Trends in 2015

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Top 5 Summer Camp Trends in 2015

The 2015 camp season begins! Here are the top 5 summer camp trends you will see across the nation:

1) To tech or not to tech?

As technology takes prominent hold on our lives, camps choose on whether to teach kids the 'latest and greatest' or offer a nature break during the summer. And while some chose the route of robotics, app development and young entrepreneurship programs; others have banned electronics altogether and emphasize nature and human connections formed at camps.

2) Back to the roots

Gardening, environmental education and cooking with local products have become increasingly more popular at camps as the wave of "organic living" is sweeping the country. Many camps will offer tracks or specialties on the environment; some make it the centerpiece.

3) College Planning

There was a recent outrage when a highly competitive private Kindergarten program canceled a holiday party so the children can spend more time on "college readiness". Many summer camps close the learning gap and offer the service. College planning, preparations and summer college "residencies" are increasingly more common.

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4) Aquatics

Being on top for decades of camping, recreational swimming, boating, kayaking and other aquatics remain among the most popular activities offered at summer camps. So pack those bathing suits!

5) Family Camping

ACA (American Camp Association) reports that family camping has increased 35% in the last three years as many camps create new programs for kids and parents. Want to experience first hand what your kids are learning? Take the opportunity to unwind, learn new skills and connect with your child in a whole new way!

Trends aside, make sure to choose a camp that suits your family best. What are the activities your children loved last summer?

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