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Camps USA.org was created to give camp community a voice. It provides a free communication platform for camp professionals and parents, creating learning and sharing community, which seeks to provide a positive and fulfilling camp experience for children.

Our Vision

We strive to use new technological and communication strategies to ensure a user experience that is easy, interactive and fun. We aim to develop an online medium for camp professionals to interact with families and prospective employees, while parents can ask camp experts for valuable advice. Through this effective communication our goal is to increase camp enrollment and improve camp experience. Camps USA will provide its community with valuable research and data about the camping industry.

Camp Industry

This 2.1 billion dollar industry serves an estimated 100,000 youth a year with camps across United States. Camps span across public and private sectors, could be for-profit and non-profit, promoting secular and religious philosophies. These differences impact the way camps operate, recruit campers, develop their pricing and deliver programs. While there are certain camp health and safety standards and accreditation procedures that are regulated, the programming and pricing is not regulated and varies tremendously. With the multitude of choices, families may experience challenges when figuring out a camp that is the best fit for their children.

Our Mission

CampsUSA.org will provide avenues for a two-way communication between parents and camp professionals that will simplify the matching process and help parents make better educated choices, while creating a more efficient recruitment process for camps. Our commitment to using new and free technological advances will keep our members updated on the latest camp industry trends, creating valuable connections between parents and camps.

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