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Education or Adventure: Which Style of Summer Camp Will Benefit Your Child More

When you are first trying to decide what type of summer camp to send your child to, you may be torn between an academic camp or an adventure camp. Educational camps can help your child get ahead in school while adventure camps can keep your child healthy and active. Which one is best for your kid? Here are some things to keep in mind before you decide.

Recognize All Camps Are Blended

Almost all summer camps offer some educational aspects along with some adventure aspects. For example, your child might learn biology while on a hike or take a break from science camp to go to a local amusement park. Whichever type of camp you choose, your child will likely get a well-rounded experience.

Your Child Does Not Have to Excel In An Activity To Be Successful At That Type of Camp You may want to send your child to a camp that coincides with their skills. However, summer camp is an opportunity to try new things. For example, a child struggling in school may benefit from an academic camp and an indoor kid may benefit from an adventure camp. 

Consider Allowing Your Child to Sample Both Styles

The best way to decide between two types of camp is to allow your child to go to both. If you can, consider enrolling your child in a brief session at each camp. This will allow them to experience both and decide which one they would like to attend for a longer period next summer. 

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Listen to What Your Child Wants

Ultimately, camp should be a fun experience for your child. While you may suggest several different camps to them, you should ultimately let them decide which camp they want to go to, as long as it is within your budget and safe to attend. 

While the decision between academic and adventure camps may seem like a big one, once you look at camp activities and an average day at camp, you may realize that the choice is not as important as it seems.

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