Advertising Tips for Summer Camps Staff
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Advertising Tips for Summer Camps

Summer programs have to build their image if they want to keep enrollment up and find the best staff. Understanding how advertising works helps directors spread the way in an organic and effective manner. All it takes is understanding how to use the Internet, word of mouth of current participants and social media. 


1. The Internet Is a Great Resource
The Internet is where many families and kids look when choosing a summer program. They not only review programs’ websites but also look up reviews, compare costs and even review the American Camps Association (ACA) to see if the groups are accredited or affiliated. 


2. Word of Mouth
One of the best ways to market or advertise a summer camp is through word of mouth. When families and staff spread the word, it is an organic and impactful way to build a camp’s reputation. Alumnae often explain programs in a real way so that there are not only more campers coming but people who will understand and like the program. Parents can explain why they trust the staff there, and kids can explain why it is fun. 

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3. Social Media
Social networking websites are becoming an important advertising tool. Camps should not only have their own social media presence on Facebook or Instagram, but they should pay attention to what others are saying about them. Summer programs can not only advertise their camps to kids but recruit staff this way too. And of course, who doesn’t want to see beautiful images of the lake, cabins or programming in action?


Advertising does not just happen in the summer. It’s a year-round initiative. Camp directors can start now by building their online presence and nurturing their relationships with families. And of course, alumnae, staff and their families can spread the word with their own social networking circles and communities. 

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