How Does a Family Plan for the Next Summer?

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Children who love their summer experience should stay in touch with the organization via email and mailing lists. Families can then receive the latest news about applications, registration and new features. When registration opens for the next year, families can quickly sign up and get their desired dates or spots. Before sending in the paperwork, parents should ask kids about which sessions they would like to attend. With one summer under their belt, youth understand more about their activity and session preferences as well as what to pack.

Families that stay connected during the year are able to keep children’s interests alive. Many organizations have year-round community service and fundraising events. Kids can also write letters and visit the website with their parents to see photos and news. Families can send holiday cards and even call the Director together. A single camp experience can be the start of a long-term relationship. Proactive families have all of the information they need to plan for following summers.
Gelena Blishteyn
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