Is There a Dress Code?

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Different camps have different types of dress codes, which is why parents should read all registration materials and welcome packets in advance. For example, a Christian camp may not want youth to wear two-piece bathing suits or spaghetti strap tank tops whereas a different camp may not care. Most summer programs will ask that youth wear age-appropriate clothing. This means avoiding any t-shirts or clothing items that have offensive or suggestive language or any overtly sexual and violent imagery.

Both the summer program’s mission or specialty and daily schedule and activities will dictate the details of the camp’s dress code. For example, a Girl Scout camp may ask that participants come ready to hike with the right boots and gear whereas a computer-focused camp may want youth to focus on bringing the right technology and books rather than on their clothing choices. Some summer programs have dances or end-of-summer celebrations. Thus, it is important to consider sending kids with at least one semi-formal or nice outfit. Generally, parents should send youth to camp with a variety of shorts and t-shirts and make note if the youth participate in hikes or treks.
Gelena Blishteyn
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