What If My Child Forgets Something?

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First off, forgetting to pack a toothbrush or comb is very common. Summer camps are always fully equipped to handle such issues. These programs and their talented staff will not allow children to go hungry or without important items like toiletries. There are usually extra items on site for youth to wear.

Many programs have everything from extra sleeping bags, blankets, and sheets to extra shampoo. Parents may be called if the child needs something specific or important like medications. It is appropriate for parents to send care packages with such items. Kids actually love to receive mail while at camp. This is a good way to keep homesickness at bay and to send essential items. Parents should be reminded that laundry can always be done, toiletries are easy to replace, and that the children will have food and shelter while on site. If something is forgotten, the camp will handle it or a call will be made.
Gelena Blishteyn
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