What to Avoid Packing for Summer Camp?

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Summer camp is a great chance for kids to stay active and meet new friends. Thus, children are usually asked to leave values at home, including electronics. Camp life includes a lot of activity and it would be easy for iPods, gaming consoles, and other items to be lost or damaged. Instead of staying plugged in, camp is a wonderful time for kids to detox from such items. Of course, if a child is going to a technology program, a laptop might be acceptable.

To keep everyone safe, fireworks, weapons, and illegal drugs and other items need to stay home. Many camps are outside, so candles and flammable items should also be avoided. Lastly, most programs do not allow animals or pets because there are plenty in nature. Camps have packing lists and specifications about what is or is not allowed. Reading through such materials ensures everyone is in line with different programs’ policies and safety precautions.
Gelena Blishteyn
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