What Items Are Important to Bring to Summer Camp?

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As always, the mission of the camp dictates what campers should bring. However, no matter the focus of the program, there are some universal essentials to bring. Packing is hard. Having a general packing list makes it easier for parents and children to handle this process.

First, one should always bring bedding, a pillow, and any comfort items like a stuffed animal. Additionally, youth should bring three types of shoes: flip flops for the shower and beach, sneakers for running around, and boots if there is hiking. If there is a dance or formal event, it is also appropriate to bring some dress shoes. T-shirts, shorts, and jeans are all important as is a sweatshirt for cold nights and a bathing suit.

Parents should make sure to send kids with toiletries, pajamas, and a couple of towels. Bug spray and sunscreen are important for camps where youth will be outside. It is recommended that all items come labeled with the camper’s name so that they are easy to find if lost.
Gelena Blishteyn
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