What Staff Members Are On Site?

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There are a number of trained staff on site. They undergo staff training to better understand the mission, policies, and schedule of the program. Different camps have different ratios. The smaller the ratio, the more individualized attention a camper will receive. For example, a 1:3 ratio means that there is one staff member per three campers.

Some staff are focused on the daily care of youth in the cabin or program whereas others are trained to lead specialized activities. For example, ropes certified staff man the climbing wall, a Waterfront Director supervises swimming, boating and other water-related activities, and a Creative Arts Coordinator will manage arts and crafts curriculum

Camp leadership is usually comprised of the Director and Assistant Director as well as any Hill Heads (i.e. Girls or Boys Hill Head Counselors). Healthcare personnel deal with all medications and health-related issues or concerns. There may also be a chef and kitchen staff in addition to maintenance staff.
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