How Does Summer Camp Increase Self-Esteem?

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Intentional programming focuses on increasing youth’s social and developmental skills. Increased confidence and self-reflection happens when staff members push campers outside of their comfort zones. Youth learn a lot about themselves and the world thanks to team-building activities, icebreakers, and a well-rounded curriculum. Kids finally feel like they can be themselves without worrying about bullying.

Campers learn useful skills like how to make a bed, conflict resolution, and public speaking. There are many opportunities for youth to step up and be leaders. The increased self-esteem helps youth perform better in school and at home. Most programs also include volunteer experiences and field trips where youth can learn the power of community service.

Staff members help youth set short- and long-term goals. For example, a camper might set a goal to try the climbing walls, advance swimming levels or perform in a camp talent show. Thanks to hikes, treks, and talent-show performances, kids see their full potential and worth. Parents will love that their children return from summer camp with practical skills like cooking and cleaning as well as increased emotional generosity.
Gelena Blishteyn
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