Could you recommend a camp for a 15 year old boy from China who likes basketball?

Hi, My son will be 15 years old in summer of 2013, he is anxious to have the following summer camp in USA , could you send us some suggestion? Any location is fine for us. My son is living in China, his English is good ,but cannot be as good as mother language. His favourite sports is basket and he is fabulous in math... Waiting for your soonet reply. Thanks. Best regards Jennifer
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The best option for a 15 year old boy who enjoys playing basketball is a sports camp. There are multiple options across United States. Some sports camps offer a 9-5 program and are usually located in urban areas. Most cities have day camps that specialize in sports. He will be able to select basketball as his major area of concentration, while enjoying other recreational activities. You may also elect to send him to a residential camp. He would spend several weeks with his peers, perfecting his basketball skills, while being outdoors, swimming and enjoying nature hikes and camp fires.
Alina Bitel
9 years ago
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