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Summer Camps in North Liberty, IA

LATEST CAMPS NEWS: Math Munch - Main Campus
Math Munch is for all little budding mathematicians! We immerse the children in rich and multi-sensory activities using manipulative and hands on activities to build your childs math skill set. Through our activities we will learn about basic addition and subtraction, graphing, telling time, fractions, word problems and money. 6159487005.0
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Mayor's Youth Empowerment Program
0.0 (0)
7.08 Miles
PO Box 307, Iowa City, Iowa 52244
Activities: Aerobics/Exercise, Aquatic Activities, Arts and Crafts, Community Service, Computer, Field...
The Arc of Southeast Iowa
5.0 (1)
8.58 Miles
2620 Muscatine Ave, Iowa City, Iowa 52240
The Arc of Southeast Iowa was formed in 1957 by a group of parents and professionals interested in the welfare of individuals with intellectual...
Activities: Aquatic Activities, Arts and Crafts, Community Service, Drawing/Painting, Field Trips,...
Camp Invention - Iowa
0.0 (0)
16.17 Miles
, Cedar Rapids, Iowa
This summer
Activities: Academic and Pre-College Camps: Computers
YMCA Camp Wapsie
0.0 (0)
35.06 Miles
2174 Wapsie Y Rd, Coggon, Iowa 52218
Outstanding & well-trained staff. Self-esteem specialty, friendly, warm, free choice adventures.
Activities: Aquatic Activities, Canoeing, Climbing/Rappelling, Horseback Riding (Western), Leadership Development, Riflery,...
Camp Wyoming
0.0 (0)
39.36 Miles
9106 42nd Ave, Wyoming, Iowa 52362
All season Christian camp & conf. center. Located east central Iowa. Adult & youth retreat facilities. Full summer program. Programming help available.
Activities: Arts and Crafts, Camping Skills/Outdoor Living, Canoeing, Caving, Climbing/Rappelling, Leadership...
Camp Courageous of Iowa
0.0 (0)
40.52 Miles
12007 190th St, Monticello, Iowa 52310
Year-round respite care & recreational program for children & adults with disabilities. Traditional & adventure activities offered. Trip/Travel programs also.
Activities: Aquatic Activities, Archery, Arts and Crafts, Camping Skills/Outdoor Living, Canoeing,...
YMCA Camp Abe Lincoln
0.0 (0)
47.25 Miles
1624 Front St, Blue Grass, Iowa 52726
In addition to fun learning and enhancing self esteem skills Camp Abe Lincolns major focus is character development.
Activities: Archery, Camping Skills/Outdoor Living, Canoeing, Challenge/Rope Courses, Counselor Training (CIT),...
Results 1 - 7 of 7

North Liberty, IA Summer Camps

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2016 FM Youth Camp Reunion - Ash Grove, MO
PLEASE HELP US SPREAD THE WORD. Invite your friends who were campers with you or served with you at FM Youth Camp! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Who: All past campers and staff from FM Youth Camp What: Friday night it starts with a time to share memories and spend the night at the campgrounds! We will all spend the night in the dorms to bring back memories of when we were campers/staff at FM Youth! This event is for 7th grade and above. If you are 6th grade or below, a parent/guardian must be attending the event as well. We would LOVE to have families come! Bring your spouse and children; just make sure to register them too!! Saturday will be treated as a day of camp and a work day. It will conclude with a pie auction and hamburger fry at 6pm. Proceeds raised from this will go towards the trustees. Sunday Morning will be an optional church service at the campgrounds for those who wish to attend. We will have a potluck lunch after service. There is also a workday at the campgrounds starting...

Music School Open House & Summer Camp Preview - Wilmington, DE
live music | sample lessons | demos | refreshments | summer camp preview...FREE TO ATTEND! There is something for everyone at the Music School — from children as young as 6 months to retired adults, from traditional classical and Suzuki training to jazz, rock and folk — we’re a place where everyone is welcome, engaged and nurtured, so bring the entire family! Take a tour of our campus; meet our expert faculty and sample a variety of instruments; enjoy live performances by our students, faculty and music ensembles, learn about our music therapy program or participate in an early childhood music and movement class. Feel free to drop in on the day, or let us know you're coming by using the RSVP form on our website! In the event of snow or other unpleasant weather, the Open House will be moved to Monday, February 22nd from 5-7pm. For more information, contact Michelle DiMarino, Student & Alumni Relations Officer, at 302.762.1132 x22 or [email protected]

Ted E Bear Hollow Gallery Opening : Teen Grief Camp - Omaha, NE
The 402 Gallery will feature artwork created by teens who attended the Ted E Bear Hollow grief camp in spring 2016. Meet the artists and hear the stories behind the work on May 6th.

Sports Camp 2017 - Leesburg, VA
We are happy to announce that Sports Camp 2017 will be returning! We are partnering with the UW Ministry Team again! July 17-21; 9am-12:30pm Ages and place TBD! Mark your calendars now and spread THE WORD!!! More details coming in January.

Summer Camp Music Festival Battle Of The Bands. (The Last Walsher) - C
On March 25, we will be performing our last show known as Walsher Clemons. This is NOT the end of this band, just a NEW BEGINNING!! Make sure to come out to Cubby Bear Wrigleyville for the announcement of the new name and to help vote us in to Summer Camp Music Festival. It's a battle and we need your support! Most Votes Wins! Please help us play this super heady festival.


Discovery Place: Outdoor Explorers Camp - August 1 - Squirrel Lake Park
Get outside and explore the world around you, from microscopic plants and animals, to the tallest trees. Study native insects and animals, learn survival skills, learn how to be more eco-friendly, and more in this week exploring the great outdoors. Offered in partnership with Discovery Place. [][C:UsersmkingDocumentsSummer CampsSummer Camp 2016Discovery Place Camps 2016] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This program will be held in Shelter B at Squirrel Lake Park. Wear appropriate outdoor clothing and closed-toe shoes. Bring a water bottle. A water fountain is available for refills. Get ready to explore the outdoors! AGE CATEGORY Youth LOCATION Squirrel Lake Shelter B at Squirrel Lake Park...

Chinese Language and Culture - Germantown Academy
The Chinese Language and Culture Camp is a fun and experiential way for students to develop a deeper understanding about Chinese customs. After Chinese, campers will continue on to Day Camp for Lunch, Free swim, weekly themes, and Day Camp activties! 267-405-7520

Summer Camp Week 2 - Young Set Club
SUMMER CAMP DETAILS We are pleased to announce that Young Set Club summer camp will continue to serve families in and around the Conejo Valley. Our new location will be at Conejo Adventist Elementary School (CAES), 1250 Academy Drive, Newbury Park. CAES is just off the 101, about 4 miles west of the original Young Set property. We will also be featuring the swimming pool and gymnasium at Newbury Park Academy just a short hike down from CAES also on Academy Drive. Camp will be offered for 8 weeks from June 13th through August 5th, 2016. 8052635597.0

Dangerous Camp for Boys - Both Weeks - Dangerous Camp at The Heights School
All boys need adventure in their life. This camp is for designed to foster a love of life and adventure outside of the trappings of video games and technology. The DC4B offers a generous sampling of activities and lessons that familiarizes the campers with games, hobbies, and skills that every boy should know and love. The camp is much more idea-specific than the usual boys summer camp. With its conglomerate of themes, this camp is directed with a specific vision towards the healthy, all-around growth of boys body and mind, through healthy, active leisure. The camp will be divided into four ‘companies, allowing the boys to take part in a friendly competition that culminates on the final day of camp. Sample activities may include calligraphy, sports, field trips, short stories, yo-yos, harmonicas, knot tying, bouldering, historic battles, juggling, paper airplanes, fire-building, slingshots, lawn games, creeking, and more! Boys have the option to attend the full two-week session or to attend one week. Staff Colin Gleason, Lower School Head, and Tom Steenson, 5th-grade teacher, direct the camp. Contact Colin Gleason or Tom Steenson at The Heights School, or Notes Usual dress is normal summer attire. Campers should bring a... 301-365-4300

Improvisation - SoDo Theatre
Want to add some FUN to your week? Come play with us! Improvisation is an essential skill for actors, and it can help in your day-to-day life, too. Learn improvisation games that help develop confidence, creativity, collaboration and communication skills. Previous improv experience not required. Laughter guaranteed. The session ends with a improv performance for families and friends. 217-689-1493

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