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Summer Camps in Hanford, CA

LATEST CAMPS NEWS: Session 6 JC II G ~ Skytower Down 007 - Foothill Horizons
007 - Skytower Down Bond. James Bond has been sent to Summer Camp to work on a top secret mission. There have been some strange things occurring around the legendary Skytower at Foothill Horizons Summer Camp. Hopefully, Mr. Bond will be able to solve these mysteries and bring peace to Summer Camp! 209-532-6673 x110
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Wellspring Academy
0.0 (0)
21.5 Miles
, Reedley, California
Summer weight loss and summer school credit with Wellspring Academies. Wellspring Academy of California: weight loss program for ages 11 - 18 years old....
Activities: Special Programs: Weight Loss Camps
Wonder Valley Family Camp
0.0 (0)
26.74 Miles
Sierra Nevadas, Sanger, California 93657
Wonder Valley Family Camp is the ultimate summer vacation for families since 1985. Family Camp is designed to bring children and adults together in...
Activities: Waterskiing, Wakeboarding, Horseback Riding, Paintball, Games, Enrichment Activities, Theme Nights,...
Revolution Field Hockey Camps in California
0.0 (0)
33.59 Miles
, , California
Our camps were developed to provide young athletes with an opportunity to become better field hockey players by learning from the best coaches and...
Activities: Sports Camps: Field Hockey
Camp Wawona
0.0 (0)
34.19 Miles
PO Box 770, Clovis, California 93613
In Yosemite National Park. Outstanding Christian camp. Activities: Horsemanship, climbing, aquatics, crafts, archery, more. Focus on Christ, friends, teamwork.
Activities: Aquatic Activities, Archery, Arts and Crafts, Camping Skills/Outdoor Living, Climbing/Rappelling,...
Gold Arrow Camp
0.0 (0)
34.31 Miles
644 Pollasky Ave Ste 100, Clovis, California 93612
A traditional, fun, and non-competitive program with a variety of activities on the shore of beautiful Huntington Lake, Sierra National Forest, since 1933....
Activities: Archery, Backpacking, Challenge/Rope Courses, Ceramics/Pottery, Climbing/Rappelling, Horseback Riding (Western), Kayaking,...
Camp Kids Inc
0.0 (0)
35.98 Miles
7172 N Cedar Ave, Fresno, California 93720
Activities: Aquatic Activities, Arts and Crafts, Challenge/Rope Courses, Computer, Dance, Field...
River Way Ranch Camp
5.0 (1)
37.17 Miles
6450 Elwood Rd, Sanger, California 93657
River Way Ranch Camp is located in the foothills of the Sequoia/Kings Canyon National Park. Family owned and operated, this award winning, accredited summer...
Activities: Paintball Film School Technology Lab
Results 1 - 7 of 7

Hanford, CA Summer Camps

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Kid's Class- Santa - East Windsor, CT
Come and paint with us! Kids' Paint Class uses smaller canvases (8x10) & shorter sessions. Kids Paint Party are ideal for kids, teens & the whole family! Grab your family and join us for a fun afternoon out!! All proceeds from our paint nights and paintings benefit the therapeutic youth program at our art center. When you purchase one of our pieces or attend a paint social, not only will you be gaining a painting and experience, you'll be supporting a wonderful cause. Thank you for your support! 8x10 canvas for $15 16x20 canvas for $25

Comic Book Summer Camp - Atlanta, GA
Comic Book Summer Camp - Create a Comic Book in 5 days! June 13-17 Monday - Friday 9am to 12 noon $500 five days $125 one day drop in Reserve your seat. Pre-Teens (8-13) Young Adults (14-19) Sam Flax 1745 Peachtree St NE Atlanta GA In one week students will learn the process of creating a 5 page comic book from a simple story, thumbnails, sketches, to page layout, penciling, inking, coloring and lettering! Digital or Traditional art options. Special comic book artists will visit and give feedback on the stories and comics! Traditional art materials provided in class. Snacks and refreshments provided, various dietary options available.

Teen Retreat - Conway, AR
We didn't forget about you…. due to winter storms we rescheduled the Teen Retreat. Grades 7-12 come join us for a weekend of fun.

Kid's and Teen's Fall Retreat 2015 - 8Mile Christian Camp
Starting @ 7pm EDT Friday, September 25th and going thru 6pm EDT Saturday, September 26th we will be having our Fall Retreat. This year we will be combining Kids and Teens for a fun filled event. We will be having hay rides, gagaball, human foosball and many other activities. We will be having a bonfire on Friday night. All are welcome. See your Youth representatives for more info or call... Mark Warran @ (270)217-6612. Look forward to time away with you as we worship God in Spirit and in Truth. See you 8Mile Christian Camp

Help SNORLAX Send a Kid to Camp - Angelus Oaks, CA
(Link to my donation page: HELLO! This summer, I am lucky to be able to volunteer with Unicamp once again! SO WHAT IS UNICAMP?? UCLA UniCamp is a tradition at UCLA that is entering its 81st summer of camp. The session I will be attending this year (Session 2) is during June 25- July 1. Every year there are hundreds of under-served children that may not be dreaming of a bright future. Help us provide these kids with the tools to change their stars and give them the chance to dream big and succeed! All proceeds from this event go towards sending under-served youth to camp this summer. This will help UCLA UniCamp give over 1,300 campers a summer camping experience. With that being said, I really need YOUR help in order to reach my fundraising goal of $500. I must fundraise this money in order to be able to send these kids off to camp for one week. I will be undergoing training for this upcoming quarter up until the day of camp in order to make sure that I am able to be an amazing counselor/specialist for these campers! Your money is NOT going to waste and is going towards a...


Camp TechTerra™ - Building C
The TechTerraTM curriculum takes two seemingly opposing elements — technology and nature — and brings them together to help children better understand the world around them and the gadgets in their hands, through coding, storytelling and use of digital devices. The camp was developed by Susan Wells, a national leader in STEM, mobile-integrated education and veteran public educator. The curriculum is inspired and informed by STEM, Nature, Maker Ed and Project Based Learning. Camp TechTerra focus activies include-- • Construction and Engineering • Making and Fabrication • Science Exploration • Mess & Guess, Inquiry-based learning • Computer Science including-- Coding, Robotics, Tech Deconstruction and Microprocessors • 3D Printing and Modeling • Art and Design • Movie-making Share and Presentation Offered in partnership with TechTerraTM 9194932642.0

Introduction to Art - Visual Art Institute
Suggested for new students, our Introduction to Art class emphasizes drawing techniques, concepts and terminology, as well as art forms and mediums. You will learn to draw and paint what you see and get to use materials like pencil, ink, charcoal, watercolor, and pastels. Materials included. Instructor: Shelley Young 801-474-3796

Discovery Place: Outdoor Explorers Camp - August 1 - Squirrel Lake Park
Get outside and explore the world around you, from microscopic plants and animals, to the tallest trees. Study native insects and animals, learn survival skills, learn how to be more eco-friendly, and more in this week exploring the great outdoors. Offered in partnership with Discovery Place. [][C:UsersmkingDocumentsSummer CampsSummer Camp 2016Discovery Place Camps 2016] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This program will be held in Shelter B at Squirrel Lake Park. Wear appropriate outdoor clothing and closed-toe shoes. Bring a water bottle. A water fountain is available for refills. Get ready to explore the outdoors! AGE CATEGORY Youth LOCATION Squirrel Lake Shelter B at Squirrel Lake Park...

Intro to Hip Hop Ages 9-13 - Ovation Dance Studio
Hip-Hop- Hip hop encompasses movement that has elements of popping and locking, and breaking, as well as freestyle movement to give students the opportunity to develop their own sense of style. Age-appropriate choreography and music will be used in this high-energy class. 2089690601.0

Marshwood Football Camp: Wing T - Eliot Community Service Dept
This team football camp is a great opportunity to get ready for the 2016 season. The camp will stress Wing T schemes, techniques, and blocking schemes. This is open to all high school students, including those entering 9th grade. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Equipment Needed: Cleats & Water Bottle. Bring your own lunch. South Berwick Residents: Please choose MSAD 35 Student as your childs Customer Type. GRADES 9th - 12th LOCATION Marshwood Middle School

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