Should a Child Bring Money?

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All necessities are covered by the camp program. Youth should not need additional money for things like food and over-the-counter medication options. However, some programs do have canteens or bodegas were tough can purchase anything from snacks and toiletries to postcards and magazines.

Parents should always read a camp’s Welcome Guide and call to see if youth should bring any money to camp. For example, the kids might be allowed off camp one day a week to go into town. This is a great chance to see the community and buy ice cream or see a movie. No child wants to feel left out of such activities. Having all of the information in advance helps parents send their children with just the right amount of money. Camps that do not offer canteens or field trips will have no use for money. A child might lose the money rather than make use of it.
Gelena Blishteyn
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