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The Realm Creative Academy

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400 Pico Blvd, Santa Monica, California 90405
Jessica Slayback
Camp Type:
  • Day Camp
  • Specialty Camp
Camp Dates:
June 16th - August 29th
Session Lengths:
1 day, a couple day, 1 week, a couple weeks, 1 month, all summer!
Camp Fees:
Regular Day - $70, Full Week - $335
Hiking, beach days, arts, crafts, theater, dancing, talent sows, life skills, painting, sculpture, ceramics, science, reading, robotics, math, chess, animation, yoga, soccer and more!!!
While Realm Camp has become famous for our zany adventures, amazing art projects and our extraordinary, loving counselors, it’s more than that… The Realm Camps are about doing the things you love while trying things that you have never done before. It’s about the joy of learning something new about yourself, or discovering a hidden talent or passion. It’s about stepping “outside the box,” feeling inspired and inspiring others. It’s about creating, learning, reflecting and sharing. It’s about exploring our world like a playground with a careful eye and open heart. It’s about unfiltered fun, contagious laughter and delight of exhaustion after a full day of adventure! This summer at The Realm, be ready to: Be Curious, Play, Explore, Ask Questions Connect & Discover! To be curious is to see the world as a place full of interesting questions begging to be explored (and sometimes answered, or not…) Campers this summer will get to explore like crazy! While many camps specialize heavily in one area such as arts, music, sports, etc., at The Realm Camps, we provide a wide variety of experiences and activities that will allow kids to freely work their creative muscles! Throughout our camp days, kids at the Realm are experiencing learning through doing, creating, collaborating and playing. Kids will start each day with some open play time followed by The Morning HUB! (High Fives & Hugs, Uh-nouncments, Breakdown). Next stop: 3+ hours of activities! Kids will rotate through 2-3 classes (within their own age group) that range from creative art projects and experiences relevant to the days theme to classes in science, music, puppetry, botany, yoga, theater, martial arts and more! Lunch can happen at the center or on the go. Campers should pack a healthy lunch and drink. We will have healthy snacks and water available at all times. Each day, campers will grab their backpacks and binoculars and head out on an adventure geared specifically to our three different aged camp groups! This summer some of The Realm’s amazing teachers will be offering small group intensive workshops in various specialty areas such as Literacy, Math, Poetry, Fine Arts and more! Space in workshops is limited! Most workshops will have no more than 8 kids enrolled. Kids may join campers for lunch and park time on certain days depending on their workshop’s schedule. Please see schedule for details!!


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