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Summer Camps in Douglas County, GA

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8889 Highway 5, Douglasville, Georgia
Activities: Aerobics/Exercise, Arts and Crafts, Field Trips, Recreational Swimming
Results 1 - 1 of 1

Douglas County, GA Summer Camps

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Are there different types of summer camp?
You can find a camp for almost any interest or need your family has. Besides “traditional” summer camps—ones typically featuring hiking, swimming, log cabins, and campfires—you can find programs for sports, music, art, dance, cheer-leading, and other hobbies. The camp’s sponsor will influence the activities offered. Non-Profit organizations may offer specialized camps, and universities might offer academic classes to high school students for fun or college credit. Year-round groups like Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts frequently have summer trips as well. Camps also vary by age, gender, and length of stay. You and your family should decide if the kids would prefer...

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